Welcome to VIEC – Sri Lanka

With a network of over 38 offices across Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka and 30 offices in India, VIEC is one of the leading education consultants worldwide with a reputation of integrity & ethics.

We represent more than 180 education providers including Universities, Colleges, Vocational Institutions and Schools across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Since its inception in 1996, VIEC has recruited more than 34,000 students to its partner institutions.

Given our strong ethical approach to business, we have built a powerful brand image and positioned ourselves as one of the most credible student recruitment firms in the industry.

Our strength lies in the values, integrity, ethics and competence of our team across our network consistently providing a professional service to our students and partner institutions.

VIEC Mission Statement: VIEC mission is to recruit International students for quality educational institutions worldwide by providing a professional service to prospective students in selecting the most appropriate course and Institution for career betterment.

We achieve our Mission through:
 Values, Integrity, Ethics and Competence

VIEC Slogan:
 Better Education Better Life

What We Do
VIEC counselors help students in admission process by advising them of required documentation and assisting them with the necessary application forms and evidences. VIEC counselors work closely with admission staff at Institutions and help resolve unusual queries for our students.
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